Treat Yourself to the Best Octopus in NYC

One of the most popular menu items at 19 Cleveland is our Pulpo Basquo, which directly translates to Basque octopus. What makes 19 Cleveland’s grilled Spanish octopus, also known as pulpo a la parrilla, so special is the fact that our chef uses the right spices to make its flavor truly pop.

Not to mention the other elements of our Pulpo Basquo that help make this dish the best octopus in NYC. They’re as much of a melting pot as our home in Nolita and consist of:

  • Salsa verde, giving the dish a bit of zest, color & kick
  • Urfa peppers, which are dried Turkish chili peppers with a Scoville heat unit similar to a hotter jalapeño
  • Mashed potatoes that give a contrasting texture as well as a flavorful palate cleanser if needed from the heat
Best Octopus NYC

Pulpo a La Parrilla

Just to give you a preview of how we prepare our grilled octopus, our chef works hard to ensure the optimal tenderness of the pulpo before cooking it in oil on a hot skillet. The Basque Country that’s this dish’s namesake is an autonomous community of Spain located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay on the north side of the country.

This is just one of the culturally diverse items that makes the menu at 19 Cleveland distinct. There’s a good reason why our pulpo a la parrilla is considered the best grilled octopus in NYC and that’s because of the variety of flavors you can savor every time you order the Pulpo Basquo.