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Contemporary Mediterranean
Restaurant in the Midst of Nolita, NYC

Welcome to Our Israeli Restaurant in NYC

On a lively little sliver of Manhattan, at the point where Nolita meets Soho, there’s a place where it’s never blazing but perpetually summer. Cool as mint and warm as rising dough. Always a breeze. White-washed walls and hanging ivy.

The windswept wonders of the Mediterranean mingle with the irresistible pulse of New York City. Everyone gathers in this buzzy little oasis to kick back, break bread, and drink deeply of life. We’re 19 Cleveland, a contemporary Mediterranean restaurant that bubbles over with spirit.

Tel Avivian Cuisine at its Finest

Our menu reflects the international pulse of contemporary Tel Aviv, a hub of first generation immigrants. Over the last half-century, people from every corner of the globe have met and mingled in this city, where they’ve shared their customs, and of course, their cuisine. This is why you’ll find influences from France to Japan, Yemen to Spain, Peru to Morocco and more at 19 Cleveland. Our food reflects the spirit of cultural exchange that has always defined the Mediterranean, and our menu changes with the tides of inspiration for our master chef. Grounded in the old-world, but galvanized by the new, the sea, the land, and the city meet here, at 19 Cleveland.

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