Best Tacos in NYC

There are taco joints all over New York City. But if you want the best of the best, you’ve got to try 19 Cleveland’s Yemen duck tacos.

Duck tacos are just one of those specialties on our menu that say we’re authentically Middle Eastern. Forget traditional tacos. They are okay, but our Yemen tacos are so good you have to taste them to believe. We won’t blame you if you keep coming back.

Our customers are obsessed with them, proving we have good taste and make the best tacos in NYC. It starts with a bed of our tasty, fluffy Yemen pancakes. Every layer is intentional, creating a combination of mouthwatering flavors and textures you won’t forget soon.

Best Tacos NYC

Duck Tacos

We know from experience that braised pulled duck makes the tastiest duck tacos. The meat is smoky, tender and falls right off the bone onto your plate. We love bringing together the pancake, a layer of creamy tarragon aioli and our juicy shredded braised pulled duck. Top this majestic tower with herbs and chili for some heat.

Only one thing is missing; the right atmosphere to enjoy your delicious taco. Not a problem because the ambiance here at 19 Cleveland in Nolita is everything you need to complete your search for the best tacos in NYC.