Looking for the Best Burger in NYC?

One of the most popular items on our menu is the 19 Hamburger. A majority of the restaurants in Nolita have some sort of burger option available, but the one here at 19 Cleveland is as unique as us. Some even call it the best burger in NYC.

Like the melting pot that is New York City, our chef blends together three distinctly different grass-fed beef products to give our customers a one-of-a-kind burger.

Best Burger NYC
Best Hamburger in NYC

Our Burger Meat Mix

The short rib combines a deep flavor of chuck roast with rich marbling of rib steaks due to this particular rib’s location on the body of the cow between the chuck and the ribs.

The prime rib element helps make the 19 Hamburger tender & juicy thanks to its distinct and generous combination of marbling & fat cap content right under the skin.

The skirt steak brings a bold flavor to the table from the plate of the cow to round out what makes this burger such a beloved part of our menu that you can enjoy for lunch, brunch or dinner.

Best Hamburger in NYC

Our chef also uses fresh veggies including red onion, lettuce and tomatoes to complement the beef combination. Not to mention a pepperoncini on top if you’re looking to kick the flavor up a notch.

And you can’t forget about the two slices of American cheese that melt on the burger. That turns eating this hamburger into an experience.

Accompanying the 19 Hamburger are our homemade awesome sauce and truffle fries. Because what else goes better with a juicy burger than French fries?

The 19 Hamburger is the item on our menu that gives our Israeli restaurant a touch of Americana. Come experience the best burger in NYC here at 19 Cleveland, located in the heart of Nolita