From Heart to Plate to You: Gathering Your Group at 19 Cleveland


The Ritual of Sharing: Culinary Connections


A Mediterranean Perspective on Eating Together


Breaking Bread in Community: The Social Impact of Food

Once upon a time, when people lived closer to nature, the act of eating was a signal that you and the people around you were safe. Nobody would stop to make a meal when there was an active threat in the area. To this day, eating tells us that everything is okay, that we are safe and with people we can trust. Eating with other people when you’re unhappy or unwell can actually make you feel better.

People often carry their identity with them through food. Family recipes passed down through the generations, regional delicacies, and the spices of home are all pieces of our puzzle, giving us a sense of who we are. We serve Mediterranean cuisine because it resonates with us – it’s the flavors we grew up with elevated to a delicious art form.

Toast to Culinary Connections at 19 Cleveland