Restaurants With NYC’s Best Mediterranean Food

When the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine meet the contemporary NYC restaurant scene, you know you’re in for a treat. The city is home to an inviting selection of diverse Mediterranean eateries with irresistibly delicious food and drinks meant to be shared around a table with friends and family. Thanks to the cuisine’s many health benefits and mantra of enjoying each meal to its fullest, it’s a popular choice for patrons wanting to break bread with loved ones over a tasty hummus platter and a glass of vino.

Dying to know where to find the best Mediterranean food in NYC? At 19 Cleveland, you’ll discover an amazing menu of high-quality, nutritious meals packed with beautiful aromatics and flavors to entice meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Must-Try Mediterranean Dishes in NYC

The base of Mediterranean cuisine is simple: take fresh ingredients grown in sun-soaked climates, add a generous pinch of aromatic herbs, spices, and garlic, and finish it with love and passion for food to ensure an appetizing dish that’s both delicious and nutritious. 

For the ultimate Mediterranean food experience in NYC, you’ll want to try a few popular items, such as our homemade hummus or a plate of tangy ceviche. For sharing, why not go for some “nishnushim” or small plates – high-protein falafel balls, a loaded platter of grilled vegetables, and a selection of seafood?

Hummus – A Global Favorite

There’s a good reason why hummus is an all-time favorite in Mediterranean cuisine, not least of which is that it goes beautifully with a wide range of meals. Made from blended chickpeas and high-quality olive oil, traditionally garnished with a pinch of paprika, the dish has an unmistakable creamy texture, pairing well with laffa bread, veggies, shawarmas, or salads. Whether you prefer it as a dip for crunchy vegetables or as an add-on to your falafel, this spread is sure to impress.

When sampling Mediterranean food in NYC, be sure to ask our friendly staff about the excellent variety of hummus bowls and what dishes to pair it with — you won’t be disappointed!

Tasty Chicken Shawarma

Another delectable Mediterranean staple is the shwarma. The dish is made with tender chicken or beef pieces sliced from a vertical rotisserie, tossed in warm Middle Eastern spices, and stuffed into a pita or laffa bread with an assortment of fresh greens and tahini sauce. 

You’ll find a wide variety of shawarma meals on the city’s street corners. Naturally, the very best Mediterranean food in NYC can be found in Nolita – our high-quality chicken shawarma options burst with flavor. Whether you’re popping in for a quick lunch or sharing dinner with family, this Mediterranean classic is a surefire winner.

Sip Like a Mediterranean: Wines, Cocktails & More

No Mediterranean meal is complete without a full-bodied glass of red or white wine. Sip a glass over lunch or enjoy a bottle at dinner with loved ones, sharing stories and laughs around the table. There are also many fun cocktails to tickle your taste buds, such as our jalapeno-infused bourbon and berry mix or fire things up with a spicy margarita.

Whether you prefer a plummy Pinot Noir or a decadent double espresso with your Mediterranean food in NYC, there’s something for everyone on our drinks menu. We also have several bubbly options if you feel like celebrating! Just gathering for a meal is reason enough to pop the cork on some champagne, in our opinion.

Explore New Flavors at the Best Mediterranean Food Restaurant in NYC

At 19 Cleveland, our authentic Mediterranean dishes never compromise on flavor or quality. Every dish is prepared with superior fresh ingredients sourced with the utmost care to bring you the best flavors the Mediterranean has to offer. With its fragrant aromatics and warm spices, brunch, lunch, and dinner have never tasted this good! We combine authentic traditional recipes with contemporary savvy. Best of all, if you’re seeking unforgettable Mediterranean food in NYC, we’ve got you covered!

We happily invite you into our ivy-clad eatery to experience a taste of Mediterranean food in NYC, a beautiful setting that evokes the feeling of a summer day in Greece. The warm, relaxed atmosphere will have you raising your glass to an unforgettable meal.