Hummus Art

Is Hummus Art the New Latte Art?

We have all seen latte art. The white foam mixed with coffee crema to create hearts, leaves, flowers, and more have been popular for quite some time. We think that it’s time to bring this art-food concept to something meant to be enjoyed in groups and savored. It’s time for hummus art.

Why Hummus Art Is Better Than Latte Art

With latte art coffee drinks, the barista has taken the time to learn the art. It’s a display of appreciation for coffee and excellent touch. It displays the barista carefully crafted a final flourish that declares that the beverage you hold is unique. Yet, most morning coffee drinkers don’t take the time to enjoy their latte art as they rush out of the coffee shop and into the world.

The ingredient that gives hummus its characteristic texture is chickpeas. These chickpeas provide protein, good-for-you carbs, and fiber. They rank among the world’s healthiest foods, just as other legumes do. A plant-based diet promotes good health. Making it a habit will reduce the risk of certain diseases. Garlic and olive oil are two of the most studied and widely consumed ingredients in the culinary world. They’re both parts of the Mediterranean Diet, which is known for its health-promoting effects. Hummus gets its fantastic flavor from these zesty seasonings.

Hummus, unlike milk foam, has structural integrity. It comes served on plates or bowls, providing food artists a larger canvas to work on. And there are plenty of ways this art form can inspire some hummus lunch ideas, hummus dinner ideas & hummus brunch ideas for your future meals.

Crudite can also be used to enhance your artwork. Thanks to its firmer texture and structure with the help of modern technology you can even make hummus art with a 3D printer!

You Can Get 3D With Hummus

Natural Machines designed the printer, which demands fresh, naturally sourced ingredients and prints them into fun shapes. In addition, it reduces food waste since the machine only prints what you need. Authentic hummus only has a few ingredients, even though the US market has its recipe.  

3D printing and hummus’s consistency means that you can take your art vertical. Incorporating food coloring into the hummus allows you to diversify the color of your art.

Crudities Accompaniments

The term “crudites” refers to a platter of vegetables. With crudite trays, you can serve raw vegetables or pair them with dips and hummus to create a meal. It’s a proper-sized meal, pun intended.  

Understandably, some people prefer to blanch their green vegetables to remove their fibrous nature or soften them if they are hard.  It is common to see Crudite Trays that mix raw and cooked vegetables. You can serve these on a tray, board, or plate at your party, and they are all great finger foods!

Your local farmers’ market is a great place to find seasonal and local foods. Look for other vegetables besides green ones. It’s pretty and nutritious when it’s bright and colorful! It’s a veggie ocean for dolphin-shaped hummus and a healthy snack for you. Or place a hummus order with us?