Best Hummus
in NYC

Do you love hummus? If you do, 19 Cleveland in New York City has many delicious options of hummus. This creamy, delicious dip has a reputation for being a clean and healthy food.

Typically hummus is made with chickpeas, sesame paste, garlic, and olive oil. Eating hummus is a great source of fiber and protein. Why is hummus popular? It is a great snack or meal to assist in weight loss since it’s rich in protein, which helps fight cravings and excessive snacking. The iron content in hummus builds energy back into the body, which will help with physical activity.

Best Hummus in New York City

At 19 Cleveland, we have four different types of hummus to satisfy any taste. The house hummus, rich in spices and flavor, is always a hit. For more adventurous cravings, you will also find:

Hummus Garlic Tomato

Hummus Chicken Rotisserie

Hummus Msabbaha

If you want something more filling, you’re in luck. 19 Cleveland has rotisserie chicken hummus packed with protein. This is a flavorful hummus topped with chickpeas and, of course, slices of rotisserie chicken.

With a menu inspired by classic Israeli dishes, 19 Cleveland takes pride in serving fresh,delicious, healthy food.